How to Add Pattern to Image

How to add patterns to an image in GIMP?


* The Pattern tool is used to fill an image with a variety of shapes or designs.
* It is feasible to apply different kinds of pattern effects can be selected and applied to an image.
Steps to Follow
- Open GIMP.
- Launch a new image file.
- To insert a pattern on an image, the user needs to select a portion of the image. User can utilize any Selection tools available in toolbox to select.
- Now click Edit->Fill with Pattern or else press Alt+E and A button to use patterns.

- In the below image, the portion other than the image has been selected to apply the pattern.

- Note the pattern applied on the below image.

- To apply different kinds of "Patterns", just click the Pattern Icon in the toolbox.

- Pick any one of the patterns and apply it for the image.

- Finally click "File -> Save" the file.

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