How to Use Path Tool

How to use path tool in GIMP?


* It is used to create paths. Just select this option and start creating paths.
* The developed paths can be modified and can be shifted to any area in the file.
How to Launch:
- Open GIMP.
- Launch a new file.
Path Tool
- Shortcut for this tool is B.
- To choose this tool, click the Toolbox and then press the button B.
- Tool Options.
Stoke, Selection from Path
Design - It initiates to create the path.
Edit - The created paths can be altered i.e. any portion of the path can be modified.
Move - The entire developed path can be shifted by enabling this option.
How to Move - Create a path and click Move option in toolbox. Now, click on any portion of the path and move it. (View below image)

Polygonal - Set this option to generate polygonal shape.
How to create polygonal shape - Click Design and pick Polygonal option in toolbox. Then create polygonal shape. (View below image)

How to use
- There are two methods through which you can create path in a file.
- The two methods are Selection from Path & Stroke Path
Method 1:
-> Selection from Path
- It allows you to select from the currently developed path.
- Create a path and click "Selection from Path" button in toolbox.
- Then make selection from any portion of the path. (In below image, selection is made from right hand side of the image)

Method 2:
-> Stroke Path
- It creates a stroke on the path created by the user.
- First, create a path and then click "Stroke Path" button in toolbox.
- Set the options in Stroke Path box and click "Stroke" button, to strike an image. (View the below image)

- Finally, click "File->Save" to "Save" the file.

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