How to Open a Recent Document from History

How to open a recent document from history in GIMP?


This page explains you how to open a recently opened document from history.
It enables the user to open an image which was closed recently.
Method 4:
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- To launch a new image file, click File -> Open Recent or else press "Alt+F" and "R".
Open Recent Document
- The "open recent" menu displays the list of image files which were opened and closed recently.
Recently Closed
- Select the image file, which you like to open now.
- The user can also clear the Document History if he/she wishes to.
- Click File -> Open Recent -> Document History to open the document history box.
Document History
- Simply click the "brush" icon in the box to clear all the images. (View the lower portion of the above image file)
- Then a box appears with the name Clear Document History.
- Click the Clear button in the box.

- Now the entire images will be cleared. (View the below image)
Document History
- User can also delete the images one by one in the document history box.
- Just click the "-" symbol in the document history box and delete the files one by one.
- Finally save the file by just clicking "File -> Save". A box opens up. Click the "Save" button.

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