How to Open a File

How to open a file in GIMP?


This page explains you as to how to open a new file.
There are four ways to open a file and this is the first method.
The rest of the three methods are:
1] To open as layers -> Open As Layers
2] To open file from location -> Open File From Location
3] To open a recent file -> Open Recent Document
Method 1:
Follow below steps to launch a file:
- Launch GIMP.
- Click File -> Open or else just press Ctrl+O to Open a file.
Open a File
- A box displays with name Open Image.

- The folders are displayed at the left hand side of the box. Open it and select an image file to open.
- When a file is selected, user can view the Preview of the image file at the right hand side of the box.
Opening Files
- To search a file manually, just click the Pencil icon in the "Open Image" box and type the location of a file in the "Location" column and then open the image file.
Opening an Image File
- Finally, save the file through File -> Save and click the "Save" button.

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