Open a file from a Location

How to open a file from a location in GIMP?


This page explains you how to open a file from location.
The Open Location option enables you to use images from Online.
Note that you must have the Internet Connection to launch an image, in case you use this method.
Method 3:
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- To launch a new image file, click File -> Open Location or else open GIMP and then press Alt+F and L button.
Opening File Location
- A box displays with name "Open Location".
Open Location
- Now enter the URL address of the image in the "Enter Location" column.
- Then click Open button.
Enter File Location
- Just wait until the image gets downloaded. (View the marked portion in the below image)
Download Images
- The image will be displayed on the screen.
Opening File from the given location
- Complete your work and finally save the file by clicking "File -> Save" and again clicking the "Save" button.

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