How To Modify/Change Image Color

How to modify / change image color in GIMP?


* This modify image color allows the user to alter the colors of the currently opened image in an interactive manner.
* It is necessary to apply "Maximum RGB" feature to an image before applying this "Hot" option to change colors.
Steps to Follow:
- Start GIMP.
- Launch a new image file.

- To select the entire image, click Select -> All or else press Ctrl+A.
- Click Colors -> Maximum RGB.
- Then a box named Maximum RGB Value appears.
- Set the options and click "Ok" button.
- Now the image is set to "RGB" mode. (View the below image)

- Now click the Colors -> Hot.

- A box named Hot gets displayed.

- Set the features in options "Mode and Action".
- If necessary, the user can select the "Create New Layer" option in the box.
- Finally click the "Ok" button and view the image.

- At last, click File -> Save to save the file.

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