How to Magnify Image

How to magnify an image in GIMP?


* This option allows the user to maximize and minimize an image.
* It is not necessary to use any tools in the Toolbox or Menu for maximizing and minimizing purposes.
* It can also be referred as "Zoom Tool".
Steps to follow
-> Open GIMP.
-> Launch an new image file.

-> Find the size of the currently opened image at the bottom of the screen.

-> To enlarge the image, click the down arrow. Select any one of the available seven values. Ex: 200%.
-> Now the image has been expanded. View the below image.

-> You can also choose the lower values to minimize the image. for e.g. 50% or 25% or 12.5%.

-> You can even enter the manual values. Just click inside the box and type value of your choice.

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