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How to use ink tool in GIMP?


* The Ink tool paints the anti-aliased enabled lines with the simulation of pointer.
* Ink tool can be simply denoted as Calligraphy Style Painting.
* The position, shape and size of the pointer can be set in advance to execute the strokes on an image.
How to Launch:
- Open Gimp.
- Launch a new file.
- Now pick Ink Tool from the toolbox.
GIMP Ink Tool
* To choose this tool, click the Toolbox and then press the button K (shortcut).
Paint Tool
Tool options:
Mode - The list of 23 options enables you to modify an image with different tool options.
Opacity - This option increases the strength of the tool and also makes background of an image vague when the image is brushed.
Adjustment - The Size and Angle of the nib or pointer is controled by this option.
Sensitivity - This option raises or minimizes the level of the pointer in filling the ink on the image. This tool controls the size, tilt and speed of the pointer or nib.
Type - This option allots you three different shapes namely Circle, Cube, Hexagon to apply on an image.
How to Use:
- Open new file.
- Intially set the options in tool options in the toolbox.
- The options "Mode, Opacity, Adjustment, Sensitivity & Type" plays an important role in applying the color to a file. So set these options as per your need.
- Unlike other "Brush Tools", the ink tool does not possess brush option. Instead of it, the Type option can be picked to apply shapes.

- A sample of shapes has been created using the ink tool. (View the below image)

- At last, click "File -> Save" to "Save" the file.

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