How to Convert an Image to RGB Color Mode

How to convert an image to RGB color mode in GIMP?


* This option has the ability to apply multiple colors to an image.
* The colors Red, Green and Blue are added to an image when this tool is used.
Steps to Follow:
- Start GIMP.
- Launch a new image file.
Change Image to RGB Color
- Select the entire image by just by clicking Select -> All or press Ctrl+A.
- Click Colors -> Maximum RGB.
Image to RGB Color Mode
- A box with a name Maximum RGB Value gets displayed.
Image to RGB
- Initially click the "Preview" check box to view the image simultaneously while applying the changes.
- Now, choose either "Hold the maximal channels" or "Hold the minimal channels" option to have bright or dim effect on the image and finally click the Ok button.
- The changes applied to the picture gives a different look to the image.
- Now the image is changed to RGB color mode.
RGB Images
- Finally save the file by clicking the "File->Save" button.

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