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What are the image properties in GIMP?


* Enables you to view the entire aspects of the currently opened image in GIMP.
Step to Follow
- Open GIMP.
- Launch an image file.
- Then click Image -> Image Properties.
- A box named Image Properties appears and it exhibits the features of the image Properties menu.
-It contains menus like Properties, Color Profile and Comment.
- The Properties menu displays the entire properties of the currently opened image.
- User can view the properties, which are exhibited on the properties window. The properties like Pixel dimensions, Print size, Resolution, Color space, File name, Size, Layers, Memory and Pixels of an image are shown by default.
- User can view the Color Profile menu, to identify the "sRGB built-in". The sRGB built-in of the currently opened image is "default RGB space" of the image.(View the above image)
- User can enter his/her own remarks or statements under the Comment menu. The comment "This is a JPEG image" is written under the comment menu. (View the above image)
- Finally, click the Close button to close the Image Properties.
- User can utilize the Help option in the "Image Properties" menu. However, it requires internet connection to obtain the data from net.

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