How to Use GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) Operation

How to use GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) Operation in GIMP toolbox?


What is GEGL?
GEGL stands for Generic Graphics Library. It is a library for image manipulation.
* The GEGL Operation enables the user to generate an image with various aspects.
* Make use of the various options listed under the GEGL to manipulate and obtain an image in different views.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Launch any image file.
- Now you can access the GEGL Tool in two ways.
- Click Tools -> GEGL Operation or else click Colors -> Use GEGL and click the image which you have opened now.
Then the GEGL OPeration box gets displayed.
GEGL Operation
- There are around 25 options available in the GEGL Tools.
GEGL Tools
- Select any one of the options from the Operation list box; for ex:box-blur to apply the feature on the image.
GEGL Box Blur
- Then set the Radius and choose the Preview option if needed.
- Finally click the Ok Button.
- Now you will be able to see the image in a different view.
GEGL Image Manipulation
- You can apply the remaining options in the GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) Operations to get different looks of an image.

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