How to Fill Foreground Color to an Image

How to fill the foreground color of an image in GIMP?


The main aspect of the Foreground Color is that it fills the image with the default foreground color.
User can select any portion of the image and fill it with foreground color.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Launch a new image file.
- Select a portion of an image, where you want to fill the color using any available Selection tools in toolbox.
- In the below image, left portion of the image has been selected using the Rectangle Selection Tool.

- Now click Edit->Fill with FG color or else press "Alt+E and F" button to load color in foreground of the image and wait until the process gets completed.

- The default "Foreground Color" is set as Red. So when FG color is applied, the red color will be filled on the image.
- Now the image is filled with the Foreground Color (View the below image).

- Finally click "File -> Save" to save the file.

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