Foreground Selection Tool

How to use scissors tool in GIMP?


* It picks only the front portion of the image.
* An important thing is that you must press the Enter button after finishing the selection. Else you would actually lose the selection.
How to Launch:
- Open Gimp.
- Launch a new image file.
- Now pick Foreground Selection Tool from the toolbox.
Foreground Selection Tool
* There is no shortcut available for this tool.
Tool options:

Modes - It decides the way of creating the selection, which will be combined with existing one.
Antialiasing - It causes the portion of the selection to be drawn smoother.
Feather Edge - It causes the boundary of the selected portion to be blurred.
Contiguous - Incase this option is enabled, only area contiguous to the stroke is selected. Only the areas contiguous to the stroke will be picked when this option is turned on. All the areas of the same colour in the rough selection will be chosen, when this option is turned off.
Interactive refinement - Adjusts the settings for the brush.
Smoothing - It controls the smoothness of selection. This slider lets you to remove holes in the selection. The smaller values may generate better borders.
Preview colour - The colour used to cover the background portion of the image. There are only three colors available - red, green and blue.
Colour Sensitivity - This option sets the sensibility for colours of the selection. If your image contains many pixels of the same color in different tones, you can increase the sensibility of the selection for this colour.
How to Use:
- First select any portion on the image using this tool. Note that user can also make "rough or free hand selection" selection.

- Click the left mouse button and the paintbrush tool will be activated.
- Then drag inside the selected portion in the image.

- Now press the Enter button. The selected portion in the image gets picked.
- After that, click Brightness-Contrast to adjust the color patterns of the image.

- In the Brightness-Contrast box, set the values and click the "Ok" button.

- Now click the Move tool from toolbox.

- Simultaneously launch a new file.(View the below image)

- Then move the previously selected image file and paste it in the newly opened file.
- Note that it would give a better result if the newly opened image is suitable to the previously launched file.
- In the below image, the selected portion (Blue Rose) is perfectly placed inside the newly launched file.

- Finally, click "File -> Save" to "Save" the file.

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