Folder options

Folder options in GIMP


* User can change and set new location/path for two main folders utilized by GIMP to store the temporary files.
* The two folders are Temporary Folder and Swap Folder.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Click Edit->Preferences.
- Then a box gets displayed with a name "Preferences" with some options in it.
- Click the Folder option in the Preferences box.
- Then the options "Temporary Folder & Swap Folder" options get displayed with list boxes.

- Temporary Folder stores the files created for temporary purposes and it will be deleted in that session itself. No additional space is spent.
- Swap Folder acts as a "Memory Bank" in GIMP. In case the images, data launched in GIMP exceeds the RAM, then information will be stored in this folder.
- For further changes, click the "+ symbol" in the left side of the preferences box. A list gets displayed.
Folder Options GIMP
- The options in the above image list allow you to modify the locations searched for resources for e.g. Brushes.
- You can also transform the folders here just by changing the entries or enter the location by clicking the Page icon in the above shown image.
Folder Icons GIMP
- You can pick the particular folder options by clicking the Folder icon in the box.
- Finally click the Ok button.

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