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How to use flip tool in GIMP?


* Flip tool is utilized to turn image either in horizontal or in vertical direction.
* It enables the user to generate the existing image in both different horizontal and vertical postures.
* This tool helps to achieve transformed image positions in horizontal or vertical directions.
How to Launch:
- Open Gimp.
- Launch a new image file.

- Now pick Flip Tool from the toolbox.
GIMP Flip Tool
* To select, click the Toolbox and then press the button Shift + F (shortcut).
Tool options:
Flip Image GIMP
Horizontal - This option turns or tosses the image to horizontal position.
Vertical - This option spins or turns the image to vertical position.
* Use the Shift button to switch between the tools available under the Flip.
How to Use:
- The default flip option is set as Horizontal in toolbox.
- Simply click on any portion of the image.
- The image gets flicked horizontally.

- To do the vertical flick, select the Vertical tool option in toolbox.

- Just click on the image and it will be flicked vertically.

- User can simply toggle between the "Horizontal & Vertical" tool options, just by pressing the Ctrl button.
- Note that you should not leave the ctrl button until you complete the flip process.
- There is no additional tool options available with this tool.

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