How to Fix the Pixelated Image

How to fix the pixelated image in GIMP?


* This option helps to identify the pixels which are unnecessarily being too bright and to place them in the correct position.
Follow the below steps:
- Start GIMP.
- Open an image file.
- Then select the entire picture in order to fix the pixels in the image, by pressing Ctrl+A or Select -> All.
- Click Colors -> Hot.
Fix Pixelated Image GIMP
- Then a box displays with the name Hot. This box contains options like Mode, Action and Create new layer.
Fix Pixel of Image
- Set the Mode, select any one of the options from the "Action" to decrease luminance or saturation or blacken, select a new layer if you need. Finally click the Ok button to fix the pixalated image.
- Now the pixels in the image is sticked together.(View the below image)
Pixel Fixer GIMP
- At the end, save the file by clicking the Save button.

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