How to Use Filter Pack

How to Use Filter Pack in GIMP?


* Filter Pack option allows the user to alter the colors of the currently opened image in an interactive manner.
Steps to Follow:
- Start GIMP.
- Open a new image file.
- Then select the entire image either by clicking Select -> All or press Ctrl+A.
- Click Colors -> Filter Pack.
Filter Pack GIMP
- Then a box displays named as Filter Pack Stimulation.
Use of Filter Pack GIMP
- Set the features in five major menus in the "Filter Pack stimulation" box.
- Choose the image selection under the Show menu, set the display in the Affected Range menu, pixels in the Select Pixels By menu, clarity in the Windows menu and set the Roughness.
- Finally click the Ok button.
- The below displayed image is the outcome of the options set in the "Filter Pack Stimulation" box.
GIMP Pack of Filters
- Finally save the file by clicking the File -> Save button.

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