Eraser Tool

How to use eraser tool in GIMP?


* This tool is applied to get rid of the selected part of an image.
* Make use of this tool to take away the unwanted portions in an image.
* Each individual pixels on the image can be eradicated using this Erase Tool.
How to Launch:
- Open Gimp.
- Now pick Eraser Tool from the toolbox.
GIMP Eraser Tool
* To select, click the Toolbox and then press the button Shift + E (shortcut).
Tool options:
GIMP Remove image
Mode - The mode option cannot be enabled when Eraser tool is selected.
Opacity - This option will make the background of an image blurred.
Brush - This option offers you with a list of tools or items that can be utilized to remove the selected portions of an image. Tools from small to larger size are made available with this option.
Scale - This option helps to obtain the pointer from minimium to maximum size.
Brush Dynamics - The Pressure, Velocity and Random features of the "Opacity, Hardness, Size".
Fade Out - This option makes the eraser tool to gradually remove and make the image fainter.
Apply Jitter - This option in eraser tool is used remove the larger portions of the image at a time in circular shape.
Incremental - This is an additional option used to paint.
Hard Edge - This option clearly removes the borders or curves of selected areas and evades limited removal at the edges.
Anti Erase - This option can be used only on the layers of an image. This option is used to recover or obtain the portions which were removed accidentally or by mistake.
How to Use:
- Open any image file.
- set the options in toolbox as per your requirements.

- Then decide which portion of the image needs to be removed.
- Just click the left mouse button and drag the cursor over the image.

- Now the selected portion in the image has been removed. (View the highlighted portion in the above image).
- User can also utilize the "Shapes" available in the brush option in toolbox. Note that the brushes or shapes, when applied, will result in the removal of the image.
- At last, click "File -> Save" to "Save" the file.

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