How to Edit/Delete Keyboard Shortcuts

How to edit or delete new keyboard shortcuts in GIMP?


This page explains how to edit or delete a keyboard shortcut in GIMP.
Steps to Follow:
Edit Keyboard Shortcut:
- Open GIMP.
- Now, click Edit->keyboard shortcuts.
- A box named Configure keyboard shortcuts gets displayed.
- By default, there are 17 categories available in the box.
Open Keyboard Shortcuts
- Click the + symbol of any menu, for e.g. Edit . Now the shortcuts available under the edit gets displayed.

- Then click "disabled" option under the title Shortcut. Note that some menus may have shortcut by default. In that case, the current shortcut key will be displayed instead of disabled option.
- The disabled option changes as "New accelerator". Now click any key to assign the shortcut or to replace it. (For e.g. See the below image)
Edit/Delete Shortcuts
Delete Keyboard Shortcut:
- To delete a shortcut, simply click the respective shortcut key and then press Backspace button.
- This will delete the shortcut key. (View the below image)

Identify Keyboard Shortcut:
- If you are unable to find a shortcut, just enter that word in the Search column of Configure keyboard shortcuts box for e.g. Save.
- Then a list of shortcuts related to the keyword will be displayed.
Save Shortcuts
Save Keyboard Shortcut:
- Click the check box named "Save Keyboard Shortcuts on exit" to save the modifications.
- Finally, click the Close button to close the Configure keyboard shortcuts box.
Close Edit Shortcuts

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