Dodge / Burn Tool

How to use dodge / burn tool in GIMP?


* It casts shadow and lightens an image.
* It highlights or darkens an image on the selected portions.
* The Dodge option "lightens" the image and Burn option "darkens" an image.
How to Launch:
- Open Gimp.
- Launch a new image file.

- Now pick Dodge/Burn Tool from the toolbox.
GIMP Dodge
* To select, click the toolbox and press the button Shift + D (shortcut).
Tool options:
GIMP Burn Tool
Mode - This option is not enabled in Dodge/Burn tool.
Opacity - This option sets the transparency level for the pointer of dodge / burn tool.
Brush - This option provides different kinds of pointers to dodge/burn an image.
Scale - This option is used to set the size of the dodge/burn pointer.
Brush Dynamics - The Pressure, Velocity and Random features are mixed with Opacity, Hardness and Size to set the features to the pointer of dodge tool.
Fade Out - This option makes the airbrush to give a paler effect to the paint that has been applied on the image i.e. the color painted turns fader.
Apply Jitter - This option dodges/burns the pixels of the image faster.
Hard Edge - This option executes darker colors when it is applied on an image frequently.
Type - This option allows you to choose Dodge/Burn mode.
1]Dodge -> The colors on an image will be lightened or softened.
2]Burn -> It completely brightens the colors in an image.
Range - This option lists you three further options namely, Shadows, Midtones, Highlights.
1]Shadows -> It limits the outcome of the darker pixels.
2]Midtones -> It confines the influence of the pixels which are normal ones.
3]Highlights -> It puts a limit to the outcome of lighter pixels
Exposure - This option determines the level of the dodge/burn tool's effect.
How to Use:
- Simply click left mouse button and drag the cursor over the image.
- Now the image gets lightened because the default mode is set as "Dodge" in toolbox. (View the below image)

- Use Ctrl button to switch between "Dodge and Burn" options.
- Now choose "Burn option". Just click ctrl button and drag the cursor over the image.
- The image gets darker.(View the below image)

- To "Highlight" an image more, just select the highlight option under the "Range" tool in the toolbox.

- The below image is highlighted using the highlight option.

- Try the rest of the tool options in the toolbox and finally click "File -> Save" to "Save" the file.

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