How to Apply Distort to an Image

How to apply distort to an image in GIMP?


This page explains how to distort an image in GIMP.
* The option distorts the selected portion of the image.
* Normally it twists/bends the selected outline in an image.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Launch a new image file.
- Then click Select ->Distort.
Select Distort
- Then a box named Distort displays.
Distort Selection
- Set the Threshold, Spread, Granularity, Smooth options and choose horizontal, vertical smooth or else pick both by choosing the check boxes. Finally click the Ok button.
- The image is displayed with the Distort effect. The lines on the image will keep on be moving automatically.
Apply distort to an image
- At the end, save the file by clicking the Save button.

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