How to Set Display Modes

How to set display modes in GIMP?


* User can set the display modes to customize the visible/transparent portion of an image.
* Use this option to adjust the resolution of the monitor.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Click Edit->Preferences.
- Then a box displays with a name Preferences with some options in it.
- Click the Display option in the Preferences box. Then the options get displayed.
-Transparency & Monitor Resolutions options get displayed.
Set Display Modes GIMP
- In "Transparency", you can set the Style and Size by selecting any one of the options in the drop down list box
- In the "Monitor Resolutions", you can either set Detect automatically option or else you can enter values manually by choosing the By Manually option.
Set Display Modes
- Finally, click Ok button after setting the features.

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