How to Cut and Paste Pictures / Image

How to cut and paste pictures / images into layers in GIMP?


This page explains you how to cut and paste an image or pictures into multiple layers in GIMP.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Click File -> Open or else just press Ctrl+O, then choose a file and now click Ok button.
Open File
- Click Select->All or else press Ctrl+A which selects the whole image.
- If you want a part of the image to be selected, choose "Rectangle Select Tool or Ellipse Select Tool or Free Select Tool" from the toolbox. Then select the portion which you want to cut or copy. (View the below image)
Cut, Copy, Paste Icons
- Click Edit->Cut or press "Ctrl+x" to cut the selected portion of the image.
Edit, Cut Pictures
- The selected portion in the image gets sliced. You may may use the sliced part to paste in a new file or even in a new layer.
The below portion provides you the information regarding the paste methods in GIMP.
- Open GIMP and launch a new image file.
- Now select a portion in the image.
- Then choose either "Cut or Copy" option, to cut or copy the image.
- Click Edit -> Paste.

- Then the image gets pasted.
- The Paste Into option pastes the image over the existing image. The pasted image can be moved.
- The difference between the "Paste & Paste Into" option is that the paste option simply pastes the image and it cannot be moved. But the "paste into" option allows the user to move the pasted portion.
- Then click Edit -> Paste as.

The Paste as option provides four more options, which allows the user to paste the image in various styles. The options are "New Image, New Layer, New Brush, New Pattern".
- Select any one of the options. For e.g. New Image from "Paste as". This will automatically paste the image in a new window.
Paste Pictures
- The New Image & New Layer option do not require any additional process. Just click it and the image gets pasted.
- Finally click "File -> Save" to save the file.

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