How to Customize Environment

How to customize environment in GIMP?


* This option enables an user to alter and set the amount of system memory allocated for various purposes.
* The environment feature allows the user to cancel the confirmation dialogs, which appears during improper file savings.
* It permits the user to set/fix the size of thumbnail files.
Steps to Follow:
- Launch GIMP.
- Click Edit->Preferences. Then a box displays with a name Preferences with some options in it.
- The preferences box regularly displays with the Environment option at first whenever the preferences is opened.
Customize Environment Settings GIMP
- Then the options contain additional options named Resource Consumption, Image Thumbnails, Saving images and Document history.
- The customize environment settings help you to modify the memory levels of undo, processors level and set the size of the image. An additional feature permits you to halt the confirmation dialogs boxes which come into view when a file is closed without saving.
- Finally click the Ok button, after setting the features.

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