How to Customize Default Image Size

How to customize/change default image size in GIMP?


* This option enables you to customize the default image size. The user can modify the default screen size in the "Default New Image" dialog box.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Click Edit->Preferences. A box displays with a name Preferences with some options in it.
- Click the Default Image in the Preferences box. The options get displayed.
- The image size and resolutions, color, fill with options (Advanced) get displayed.
Customize Default Image Size GIMP
- Then set/apply your desired changes in the Image Size & Advanced Options and click the Ok button. You may click the "-" sign to hide the Advanced Options
- Select the Image resolution from the template list box and make the changes. Then whenever you open a fresh file through File->New and pick an option from the template, you will view the adjusted feature which you had made earlier.
- Set the default image options as per your need. Finally click Ok button.

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