Crop Tool

How to use crop tool in GIMP?


* Crop tool erases the edge portion of an image or layers.
* It is applied to trim or clip the image/the layers inserted on the images.
How to Launch:
- Open Gimp.
- Launch a new image file.
- Now pick Crop Tool from the toolbox.
GIMP Crop Tool
- To select, click the Toolbox and then press the button Shift + C (shortcut).
Tool options:
GIMP Resize
Current layer only - This option can be utilized only on the current layer.
Allow Growing - This option enables to enlarge beyond borders.
Expand from centre - This option makes the picked portion to become bigger. This tool employs the starting point as the centre, as a replacement for the corners.
Fixed - It allows you to alter the predefined shape of the rectangle.
Position - This acts as the placement of the selection.
Size - This is the length/size of the selection.
Highlight - This tool emphasizes the marked selection, by darkening everything that lies at the backdrop of the image.
Guides - It chooses the types of guides available within the marked portion.
Auto Shrink - This tool minimizes/reduces the size of the selection to the nearest rectangular shape located on the image layer.
Shrink Merged - Incase this option is made active, then the Auto Shrink tool will assume the pixel information from the visible display of the image, instead from the active layer.
How to Use:
- To simply crop an image, just select the required portion in the image.
- Click the left mouse button on the image, the cursor turns into plus symbol and now select the portion.

- After selection, press or hit Enter button.
- The image gets cropped now.

- The Expand from center tool option enables to make selections, just from the expansion of tool itself.
- First click on any portion of the image, then drag the cursor to make selection. The selection portion gets expanded from the centre part of the selection point.

- Then press enter to crop the image.

- The rest of the tool options like Current layer only, Allow growing, Fixed, Highlight, Auto shrink & Shrink merged options help the user to crop an image by applying the available options under it.
- Apply the Current Layer Only tool option to crop active layer.
- Use the Allow Growing tool option to crop outside the image.

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