How to Create a New Layer

How to Create/Add a New Layer in GIMP?


* The below mentioned feature enables the user to create a new layer to the currently opened image.
* Add a new layer to an image by setting the measurements and its type.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Launch a new image file.
- Click Layer -> New Layer or press Shift+Ctrl+N to create a new layer in an image.

- The New Layer window opens.
Add a New Layer
- Enter the name, adjust the height and width properties, finally set the type by choosing any one of the available four options and click the Ok button.
- The Layer Fill Type menu consists of options which determines the colour of the layer which is to be displayed in the image. (View the below image)
Adding a New Layer
- In the above image, the newly added layer is completely covered with white color as the Foreground Color is set as White color.
- Finally save the file by clicking File->Save.

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