How to Create a New File from Clipboard

How to create a new image file from clipboard in GIMP?


This method allows you to generate a file from various sources.
Steps to Follow:
- Launch GIMP.
- Click File -> Create and the options get displayed.

- The options From Clipboard, Scanner or Camera, Screenshot permit you to create a file from these sources.
- The Clipboard option lets you to paste the image content from the clipboard. Note that you can paste the content only if it is available in clipboard.
- The Scanner/Camera option allows you to create file through a scanner or camera. This is a method of creating file from an outside source. Either the Scanner or Camera should be connected to your computer system to create the file.
- A box named "Select Source" appears. Click the available items in it(items will be displayed only if a scanner/camera is connected to computer) and create a file. View the below image.

- The Screen Shot is an option to create file by taking screenshots of the items seen in screen. Either single window or whole window can be taken as a screenshot.
- Click File-> Create-> Screen Shot to take screenshot of the window.
- A box named WinSnap displays.

- Set the options in the box and click the button Grab to get the screen shot of the window.
- The rest of the options like Buttons, Logos, Patterns, webpage Themes are used to obtain logos, patterns, pre defined shapes and themes from webpages.
- Simply set the features and click the "Ok" button to get the new file.

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