How to Copy and Paste Pictures / Image

How to copy and paste pictures / images into layers in GIMP?


This page explains you how to copy and paste an image or pictures into multiple layers in GIMP.
Steps to Follow:
- Launch GIMP.
- Click File -> Open or else press Ctrl+O to open a file, then choose a file and now click Ok button.
Open File
- In case you want the entire image to get copied, click Select->All or else simply press Ctrl+A.
- Suppose you want to select a certain portion of an image, use the "Rectangle Selection Tool or Ellipse Selection Tool or Free Selection Tool" of the Selection Tools from the toolbox.
Cut, Copy, Paste Tools
- The Paste Into option pastes the image over the existing image. In this option, the pasted image can be moved to view the existing image. However the "Paste" option simply pastes the image and it cannot be moved.
- Another option named Paste as facilitates four more options which allows the user to paste the image in various styles like "New Image, New Layer, New Brush, New Pattern".
- Select any one of the options - for e.g. New Image. This automatically pastes the image in a new window and you can view it.
Pictures Pasted as
- The New Image and New Layer option do not require any additional process. Just click it and the image gets pasted.
- The New Brush and New Pattern demand an extra action i.e. you need to set the brush/pattern name and file name then click "Ok" button to see the image.
New Picture/Image and Layer
New Brush and Pattern

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