How to Configure Window Management

How to configure window management in GIMP


* This option enables the user to customize the appearances of the windows in GIMP.
* The windows may denote the "title bar or menu bar".
Steps to Follow:
- Start GIMP.
- Click Edit->Preferences.
- Then a box gets displayed with a name "Preferences" with some options in it.
- Click the Window Management option in the Preferences box. Then the options get displayed.
Window Management GIMP
- The GIMP does not control the windows directly but it passes the appeals to the window manager.
- But there is no guarantee that the options mentioned in the above "Window Management" will actually work. It may or may not work.
- The Window Manager Hints possess two options (For-Toolbox & Docks) with two drop down list boxes.
Window Management
- The normal option executes usual display and the Utility option executes different display i.e. the "Reduce" button would not be present. (See the above image)
- If you wish, you can enable the "Focus and Window Positions" by clicking the check boxes.
- To save the modifications, just click the "Save Windows Positions Now" button.
- Or if you wish to reverse the current alterations, click the "Reset Saved Windows Positions to Default Values" button.

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