How to Configure Tab in Toolbox

How to configure toolbox in GIMP?


In GIMP, the user can adjust the toolbox as per his/her requirements. Just click the left arrow icon in toolbox to configure the toolbox.
* Steps to Follow:
-> Open GIMP.
-> Launch an image file.
-> Now, click the left arrow in the tool box.
-> The list of available menu gets displayed. Some of the options would have been selected by default.
-> The Tool Options Menu allows you to organize the four options present in the toolbox namely - save, restore, rename and delete.
Click the Add Tab option. A list of options gets displayed. Select any one - for ex: Histogram. The Histogram is placed above the toolbox.
-> If the option Lock Tab to Dock is enabled, you will not be able to pull/move the tool option from the Toolbox.
-> The Show Image Selection option displays the file name/information of the currently opened image.
-> You can also "Close & Detach" the tab from toolbox.

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