How to Configure New Keyboard Shortcuts

How to configure or create new keyboard shortcuts in GIMP?


This page explains you how to create or configure new keyboard shortcuts in GIMP.
* The tools which are accessible through the image menu will have a default keyboard short-cut.
* So you may either create a new shortcut for a command or else alter an existing available short-cut.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Then click Edit->keyboard shortcuts.
Keyboard Short-cuts
- Then a box displays with the name Configure keyboard shortcuts with options in it. Around 17 categories are listed in the box.
Configure Keyboard Shortcuts
- Click the + symbol in the box to list/see the options of a particular category, for e.g. File.
Short Cut Keys
- Now click any shortcut, for e.g. "Revert" option under "File" menu.
- Just click the "Disabled" button, press a key of your choice and save the settings.
- Then apply the shortcut to identify whether it works or not. The same process applies for the predefined shortcuts too.
- View the Keyboard Short cuts, memorize and apply it while working in GIMP.

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