How to Configure Input Devices

How to configure input devices in GIMP?


* You can manage and control the input devices connected to your computer system by configuring input devices.
Steps to Follow:
- Launch GIMP.
- Click Edit->Preferences.
- Then a box gets displayed with a name Preferences with some options in it.
- Click the Input Devices option in the Preferences box. Then the options get displayed.
- "Configure Extended Input Devices" lets you to add or manipulate the devices linked to your computer system for .e.g. Mouse or special keyboards etc.

- Then click "Save Input Devices Settings Now" button in the box to save the current modifications.
- The input devices possess an additional option named Input Controllers. The input controllers list "Available and Active controllers" can be used as per your need.
Configure Input Devices GIMP
- The items inside the box can be interchanged by selecting any one of the items in the available/active list and then clicking the right/left arrow respectively. This tool is used to enable/disable an input device in GIMP.
- Finally click "Ok" button after setting the features.

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