How to Change Image Windows

How to change image windows in GIMP?


* This option allows an user to change and set features related to "Mouse Pointer, Space Bar, Zoom and Resize effects of an image".
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Now click Edit->Preferences.
- Then a box displays with a name Preferences with some options in it.
- Click the Image Window option in the Preferences box and wait until the options get displayed.
- The options General, zoom, space bar & mouse pointers get displayed.
Change Image Windows GIMP
- Set the Image Window options as per your requirements.
- Finally click Ok button.
- The Image Window further includes Appearance, Title & Status options.
Image Windows GIMP
- The Appearance contains two main options - "Default Appearance in Normal Mode & Full Screen Mode". This Appearance option enables you to change image window's default appearance - both for normal mode and for the fullscreen mode.
- The Title and Status shows "Image Title Format & Statusbar Format". This Title and Status option allows you to pick the format which appears in the title bar of an image and the status bar.
- The modification of the above mentioned tools will reflect when you launch GIMP after clicking the "Ok" button.
- So set the option as per your requirements and click the Ok button.

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