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How to Use Blur Tool in GIMP?


* It is also referred as Sharpen Tool.
* When it is applied, it makes the image to be unclear or less distinct.
* The brush of this tool blurs or sharpens, when it is applied over an image.
* It can also be used to soften an image.
How to Launch:
- Open Gimp.
- Launch a new image file.

- Now pick the Blur Tool from the toolbox.
Sharpen Tool
* The shortcut available for this tool is Shift + U.
- To select, click the toolbox and press the button Shift + U.
Tool options:
GIMP Blur Tool
Mode - This option is not enabled in the blur tool.
Opacity - This option determines the transparency level, when the pointer is used.
Brush - This option exhibits different type of pointers to blur an image.
Scale - This option allows you to select the size of the pointer of the blur tool.
Brush Dynamics - The Pressure, Velocity and Random features are combined with Opacity, Hardness, Size to apply the features to the pointer of the blur tool.
Fade Out - This option makes the airbrush to give a paler effect to the paint that has been applied on the image i.e. the color painted turns fader.
Apply Jitter - This option is used spread the variety of colors on the image which makes the image look catchy.
Hard Edge - This option executes dark colors when it is applied consecutively on a particular portion.
Convolve Type - Two additional options are available under this type.
1]Blur -> This option makes all the pixels to mingle with each other.
2]Sharpen -> This option causes each pixel to be different from each other.
Rate - This option strengthens the blur or sharp effect on the image.
How to Use:
- As usual set the required tool options in toolbox.
- Now click the left mouse button and drag the mouse over the required portions on the image.
- The dragged portion in the image gets blurred or dim, when the the tool is applied on it again and again.
- Press Ctrl button to make the image look more blurred.

- Now the image gets blurred. (View the below image)

- Finally, click "File -> Save" to "Save" the file.

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