Blend / Gradient Tool

How to Use Blend / Gradient Tool in GIMP?


* This blend/gradient tool generally fills an selected portion with the gradient blend of the default Foreground and Background Colors.
* The gradient is a paint to fill or stroke, which smoothly blends from red to green color.
* In-order to blend you need to drag the cursor, in which you want the gradient to be obtained.
How to Launch:
- Open Gimp.
- Launch a new file.
- Now pick Blend Gradient Tool from the toolbox.

* Shortcut for this tool is L. Click the Toolbox and then press the button L.
Tool options:

Mode - It determines the way of creating the selection, i.e. whether it will be combined with existing one, etc.
Opacity - It sets the gradient to be see-through or fully noticeable.
Gradient - This option is a type of gradient.
Offset - It permits to raise the slope of an gradient. It also determines the launching of gradient. This option will not affect the "Shaped Forms".
Shape - This option is the shape of the gradient.
Repeat - This option is like Undo.
Dithering - It helps to reduce banding by dithering the gradient.
Adaptive supersampling - It refines the gradient in high contrast areas. It smoothens jagged effect of the sharp transition of color through the slanted or curved lines.
How to Use:
- Initially choose the type of blend option from the toolbox. Click the "Active Gradient" in toolbox.

- Then choose any one type of gradient.

- Simply drag the cursor in the direction where you want to apply the gradient and then release the left mouse button.
- You can view the processing of blending.

- The gradient has been applied to the image.

- Finally, click "File -> Save" to "Save" the file.

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