How to Create New Keyboard Shortcuts

How to create new keyboard shortcuts in GIMP?


This page explains how to create new keyboard shortcut in GIMP.
Steps to Follow:
-> Open GIMP.
-> Click Edit -> Keyboard Shortcut.

-> A box named Configure Keyboard Shortcuts displays.
-> Now pick any one of the menus, for which you wish to create a new shortcut. For e.g. Open Location.
-> The open location does not have a keyboard shortcut in GIMP.

-> Now click "disabled" option under the title shortcut.
-> When it changes as "New accelerator", press the button which you like to set as the new key board shortcut for open location. For e.g. Y.
-> "Y" is the shortcut key assigned for open location.

-> Now click the Close button in the configure keyboard shortcut box.
-> Now press the button Y.
-> The Open Location box gets displayed.

-> In "Open Location" box, enter the URL and click the "Open" button to open the pictures from a specified location in net.

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