Alignment Tool

How to Use Alignment Tool in GIMP?


* It organizes the layers or paths of an image.
* It helps in Placing the things in proper chosen positions.
How to Launch:
- Open Gimp.
- Launch a new image file.
- Now pick Alignment Tool from the toolbox.

* To select, click the Toolbox and then press the button Q(shortcut).
Tool options:
GIMP Align
Relative To - Alters the edges in connection to the left, right, center, top, bottom and middle of the selected target by applying Selection option. The rest of the options are used to align the layer, path and channel.
Distribute - Distributes the left, right, center edges, top, bottom and middle edges of the chosen target.
Offset - Sets the desired value to align the image.
How to Use:
- Move the cursor over the image. Now the cursor turns into a small hand.
- Just click on the image.
- To add the layer to list, press Shift button and click on the image.
- Now set any one of the options under the menu "Relative to", for e.g. Active layer

- Then enter the value in Offset.
- Click any one of the buttons under the "Distribute" menu, for e.g. Right button.

- The image gets moved towards the right side from its source position.

- To align the image, just select any one of the options under the relative tool, for e.g. "Selection".
- This option will make the selected layer in image to be aligned.
- Then select the entire image.
- Click any one of the arrow buttons under the "Align" option to align the image.
- Then the image gets aligned as per the direction chosen in the align option.

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