Timeline Window Layers Animation

How to use the Layers in the Timeline Window in Flash?


Layers in a Timeline Window is used to perform animation of objects flexibly.

Layers in Timeline Window:

Similar to photoshop, different objects like images, text are kept in different layers.

The above video Teaches you how the animation can be performed in the Timeline Window .
  • Insert a "Layer" using "Insert Layer" button.
  • A collection of layers can be stored in a folder created using "Insert Layer Folder". Drag and drop them in the folder created
  • Shift+Click - to select multiple layers.
  • To change the layer properties, double click on the color box of every layer.
  • Now change the "name" for the layer, color to identify the layer.
  • Properties of the Layer can also be changed by right clicking on each layer, to choose "Layer Properties".
  • "Insert Layer Folder" option is also available, when right clicked on a Layer.
  • To delete a layer or a group of layers, use "Delete Layers" button.

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