Show/Hide/lock Layers in Timeline Window

How to show, hide, lock layers in the Timeline Window in Flash?


Layers in the Timeline Window can be show/hide by clicking on the Eye icon to the right of the layer in the Timeline window. Layers can also be locked by clicking on the lock icon to prevent them from being edited.

Video Tutorial:

The above video teaches you how to show, hide and lock the layers in the timeline window.
  • All the layers in flash has three icons, "eye", "lock", "color" on top.
  • First when clicked under the "eye" icon adjacent to the first layer, an "x" mark appears.
  • This "x" mark specifies that the layer is "disabled".
  • When a layer is disabled, it wil get disappeared from the "Stage Window".
  • But when a layer is locked, changes to the layer cannot be done.
  • Object of different layers are moved, except the ones in the locked layer.
  • When clicked on the color box, the color of the objects of that layer vanishes.

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