Text Tool/Text Editor

Use of Text Tool in Flash?


Text Tool/Text Editor is used to create an editable text object.

Text Tool:

Using this text editor tool, an object can be created and the font, type, color, style can be changed.
  • Select the "Text Tool" from the toolbar on the left.
  • Click on the stage to type, say something like "www.hscripts.com".
  • Use the "Selection Tool" from the tool bar to select the text typed in.
  • From the "Properties Window", choose the type between "Static", "Dynamic", "Input".
  • The "Static" is chosen, if the text is used as a label text.
  • The "Dynamic" option lets to get data from another file using a code dynamically.
  • The "Input" option makes the text object to get an input text.
  • In the properties window, the font type, size, color, style can also be changed.
  • Superscript or subscript text can also be done using this window.
  • Even an hyperlink can be included .
  • The "target" drop down enables to choose how to open the hyperlink with choices like "blank","parent" etc.

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