Stage Window Animations/Movies

How to use the Stage Window in Flash?


Stage window is the main working window for creating flash animations or movies.

Video Tutorial:

Stage Window:

The collection of frames from this Window comprises of Flash Animations or movies.

The above video teaches you how to work around inside the "Stage Window".
  • To maximize "Stage Window", click on the "Hide Timeline" to hide the "Timeline Window".
  • The current scene number will be displayed on the top like, "Scene1".
  • The scenes can be changed using the icon on the top right of this window which will list all the scenes.
  • "Workspace" in flash refers to the whole window that consist of all windows and toolbars.
  • Using the "workspace" button, the look and feel of the work space can be changed.
  • Workspaces are saved using "Save Current" and renamed or deleted using "Manage Workspace".
  • Use the "Edit buttons" to make changes to the existing buttons.
  • To view the "stage" after selecting the button on a stage, just use the "arrow" button or the "scene" name on top.
  • Simply change the size of the "Stage Window" using the drop down box options.

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