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How to use the Properties Window and set stage size in Flash?


Properties window as the name suggests it defines the property for any of the selected object like windows,tools etc.

Video Tutorial:

Properties Window, Set stage size:

The above video teaches you how to change the properties of the "Properties Window" and to set the stage size.
  • Set Height and Width of the stage window using "Size" button.
  • As per the need the frame rate can be set for a Stage, that is the number of frames per second.
  • To create accurate animations the ruler units on top is very usefull.
  • The "Ruler Units" can be changed to any of the units like cm,pixels.
  • Many prefer to use "pixels" for "Ruler Units".
  • Also the "Background color" can be set for the stage.
  • Publishing options should be chosen to make note of the usage of the application.
  • Using the "Publish" button, choose the default version of the "Flash Player".
  • Other setting is the order in which the layer needs to be loaded in the movie.
  • Use the "Load Order" option to set the order.
  • Experienced animators always prefer to have "Bottom up" for the loading frames.
  • Choose the version of "Action Scripting" to be used.
  • Usually the quality of the JPEG images will be 80% or you can change using the "JPEG Quality" option.

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