Pencil Tool, Drawing

Use of Pencil Tool in Flash?


Pencil Tool is used in the same way that you would use a real pencil for drawing.

Video Tutorial:

Pencil Tool:

It has got three options like "ink", "straighten", "smooth".

  • Choose the "Pencil Tool" from the tool bar.
  • Using this simply draw some lines.
  • Now choose the option "Straighten" from the "Tool Bar" below.
  • Using this option the curves in the image will be straightened.
  • Select the option "Smooth" from the bottom of the "Tool Bar" now.
  • When the image is drawn using this option, the sharp curves will smoothened to an extend automatically.
  • Now select the option "ink" from the "Tool Bar".
  • Try drawing using this option to have the exact image as drawn.

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