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How to draw specific shapes using Pen tool in flash?


Pen Tool is used to draw specific shapes other than perfect shapes using vector points.

Video Tutorial:

Pen Tool, Draw Shapes:

The "handles" can be used to adjust the curves and angles perfectly.
  • Select the "Pen Tool".
  • Just click to add a vector point, continue to do so connecting multiple points to form an image.
  • Click on each anchor or vector point to get the "handles".
  • Simply adjust these "handles" to get a perfect curve or an angle to the image on either sides.
  • The "Sub-selection" tool can be used to move the existing "Vector points".
  • Using the "Add Anchor Point" and add more anchor points.
  • To delete an existing anchor point in an image use the "Delete Anchor Point".
  • The "Convert Point tool" converts smooth points into corner points and vice versa.

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