Oval Primitive Tool

Use of Oval Primitive Tool in Flash?
How to draw a oval Shape?


Oval Primitive Tool is used to draw ovals which can be edited using the handles in the tool.

Video Tutorial:

Oval-Primitive Tool:

The above video teaches you how to use the "Oval Primitive Tool".
  • Select the "Oval Primitive Tool" from the toolbar.
  • Click on the stage and drag the mouse to draw an oval shape.
  • To get it perfect, press the "Shift" key while dragging the mouse.
  • If the "Alt" key is used while dragging, the shape gets enlarged from the center.
  • Now use the "Selection Tool" to select the "handles" in the shape.
  • There will two handles in the outer circle that can be moved apart to split the oval.
  • Also there are two handles in center that can also be moved to give a different shape.
  • Simply try changing the colors of the ovals using the "color ticker".

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