Open a new flash(.swf,.flv,.fla) file and add text

How to open a new (.swf,.flv,.fla) file?
Adding text to file?


Like any other file, a flash(.swf,.flv,.fla) file can also be opened from the saved location.

Video Tutorial:

The above video teaches you opening a existing flash document and adding text to it.
  • Click "File->Open" to get the window with options "Create new","Create from Template", "Open a recent item".
  • Choose "Open" from "Open recent items" under which all the recently opened files are listed.
  • Browse to the location where the files are stored, then open the file.
  • For adding text, select the "text-tool" from the tool bar.
  • Simply type in the required text, select it using the "selection tool".
  • Now the properties of the text can be changed using the "Properties Window".
  • Just change the size, color or add another text to the existing text.

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