Movie Clip Symbols

How to use a Movie Clip symbols?
How to do MovieClip Animation in Flash?


The symbols of type Movie clip has the ability to include multiple animations, movies or symbols inside it.

Video Tutorial:

Creating a MovieClip Symbols:

A "movie clip" type symbol are reusable animation that even contain a movie. This is the one of the most used options in flash that can have multiple animations inside a single symbol.

The above video teaches you how to create symbols of type "movieclip" and to integerate into another movie.
  • We already have a symbol with a text "Hioxindia".
  • Now a new symbol of type movieclip is created.
  • First a glowing light is simply placed in one layer, a star on the another layer.
  • Then a "Motion Tween" is created to the star .
  • With the help of free tranform tool the star symbol is rotated as required.
  • At the begining and at the end of the animation the color of the objects is set to "alpha".
  • Color is changed individually by selecting each symbol.
  • So a blinking effect is added to the star symbol.
  • Simply go back to the previous movie to drag the newly created blinking star symbol to the edge of the text.

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