Motion Tween Animation

What's the use of Motion Tween?
How to do Object Tweening in Flash?


Motion Tween in flash refers to basic animation of moving an object from one point to another in Flash.It is also called as Object Tweening.

Video Tutorial:

The above video teaches you how to animate a ball using Motion Tween in Flash.
  • In Layer1 a line is drawn on the stage with the "Line Tool".
  • Lock the "Layer1", as the objects in this particular layer are not animated.
  • Create a new layer "Layer2" where we are going to animate a "ball"
  • Just for reference, draw lines vertically using the "ruler" at regular intrevals.
  • Draw a "ball", select the ball move to the starting postion of animation.
  • In the Timeline window, right click on the keyframe for Layer2 and choose "Create Motion Tween".
  • Assuming that the animation ends at a point say "40", simply right click and choose "Insert Keyframe"
  • Now we have to make "Layer1" visible till the end of animation done in "Layer2".
  • So right click on the same point in Layer1 as in Layer2 and choose "Insert Frame".
  • Insert "Key Frames" at the points in Layer2 where its path is modified in "Layer2".
  • Select keyframes individually to place the "Ball" to be animated at different positions.
  • Press "Ctrl+Enter" and check the flash movie created for Object Tweening.

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