Motion Guide Tween

How to do Motion Guide Tween in Flash?
How to give a Tweening Effect?


Motion Guide Tween is used to move an object in a specific path from one point to another point.

Video Tutorial:

Tweening Effect
The above video teaches you how to use motion guide tweening to animate a image of football.
  • Select the keyframe in a Layer, say "Layer1", to simply draw a white circle in a black background.
  • Select the circle using the "selection tool" now.
  • Press "f8" to convert the image to a movie clip symbol.
  • Click on the option "Add Motion Guide" under the Layers window.
  • Using the pencil tool draw the path for the motion guide.
  • Right click on the keyframe in "Layer1" to choose "Create Motion Tween".
  • At the endpoint of layer1, right click to choose "Insert Keyframe."
  • At the same point in the motion guide insert a frame.
  • Now select the keyframe in layer1 and using the "selection" tool move the image through the line to an point.
  • After selecting the endpoint move the circle to another end of the line.
  • View the movie, to see how the circle moves on the line drawn using tweening effect.

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